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At this time, masks are required inside the church for the ceremony. There are no masks required at the reception, but you are welcome to do whatever you feel is safe!
Elizabeth Herrera & John Paul Sebastian

Elizabeth Herrera


John Paul Sebastian

Elizabeth Herrera and John Paul Sebastian

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Our Story

One hot summer day in 2018, Elizabeth pulled into her driveway and noticed that a strange man was mowing her lawn. It turned out that John Paul was dutifully and lovingly performing an act of service for his sister, Stephanie, who was one of Elizabeth’s new roommates. Elizabeth and John Paul met briefly in the kitchen after his work was complete, and from that point on, John Paul’s interest in Elizabeth gradually increased.

During Christmas break, John Paul’s family was in town for Stephanie’s wedding and invited Elizabeth to hang out with them at her house. John Paul was impressed with Elizabeth’s personality, humor, and demeanor and sensed that Elizabeth could be his future wife, but he also knew he was not yet worthy of her. So John Paul set about improving himself, and together with a group of men, committed himself to Exodus 90, a challenging, demanding program of prayer, fasting, and fraternal accountability.

As soon as the 90 days were over, John Paul was determined to ask Elizabeth out on a date. Knowing that he and Elizabeth shared a love of theater, John Paul asked her to attend a play with him on Divine Mercy Sunday with dinner at a distinguished, romantic French restaurant to follow. The only problem was when they arrived at the play, there were no cars in the parking lot. The performance had taken place on the previous day. John Paul also was not feeling well which affected his focus and concentration. He drove by the restaurant several times trying to locate it and pulled into a parking space directly in front of a speeding car. Once inside the restaurant, the waiter awkwardly seated the young pair right next to each other in a C-shaped booth, as opposed to across from each other as John Paul had envisioned. The date proceeded with a mix of sweet, humorous, and awkward moments. After dinner, John Paul asked Elizabeth to go on a romantic walk with him in a different part of the city. Elizabeth, judging that this bold move was over the top for a first date, declined. Fortunately for John Paul, it was Divine Mercy Sunday.

Determined to redeem himself and at the encouragement of his sister, John Paul asked Elizabeth out on a second date to an Italian restaurant, Elizabeth’s favorite foreign country. John Paul was much smoother this time, made no wrong turns, asked Elizabeth thoughtful questions, showed great interest in her life, work, hopes, and dreams, and made her laugh. Elizabeth thought to herself, “I can see myself marrying a man like this.” The rest was history. In the days that followed, John Paul and Elizabeth spent ever more time together: praying, running, working out; attending Mass, exercise classes, and weekly Theology of the Body study group (that John Paul hosted) and other social events; cooking dinner, reading "Lord of the Rings", watching "Stranger Things", and conversing with each other as much and as often as they could.

On December 12, 2019, at 1:25 am, John Paul proposed to Elizabeth as they both knelt in front of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe after midnight Mass in honor of her feast day. John Paul pulled out a diamond ring that his uncle had bought for his late Polish grandmother in Russia and simultaneously quoted St. Pope John Paul II’s play, “The Jeweler’s Shop,” Henryk Sienkiewicz’s epic historical novel, “The Deluge,” and the children’s movie Frozen 2, as he exclaimed, “Elizabeth Lee Herrera, you’re the most extraordinary person I’ve ever known. I love you with all that I am, to life and death, with heart and soul. Will you be my life’s companion? Will you grow old with me? Will you marry me?” With tears of joy streaming down her cheeks, Elizabeth said yes. Patrick Gordon, John Paul’s roommate, best man, and faithful and devoted friend since college, snapped many precious pictures of the joyful couple which he skillfully put together into a beautiful photo montage. A nearby elderly couple congratulated and applauded.

We are so excited and can’t wait for you to share our happiness with us on July 10!!
Grae Sales